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    Greg Anthony

    Matriculation Year: 2014

    I joined the GPMP at U Chicago in 2014 after graduating from Northwestern University with a degree in Biomedical Physics. There I developed an interest in biomedical engineering, medicine, oncology, and medical imaging. I currently conduct research on MR-guided therapeutic ultrasound, using new combinatorial approaches to cancer treatment without the use of ionizing radiation. Our lab explores thermal and mechanical mechanisms of high-intensity ultrasound for therapy and improved drug delivery in tissue. In my spare time, I sing and beatbox with the Biological Sciences Division a cappella group, The Histones.

    Brittany Broder

    Matriculation Year: 2017

    I graduated from Western Kentucky University in 2016 and joined the medical physics program in 2017 after a year in France studying nuclear science and doing research through the Fulbright program. While at WKU, I did research in material science, astrophysics, and nuclear data. At UChicago, I do research in novel radioisotopes as part of the cyclotron group. Outside of school, I enjoy cooking, running, and reading.

    Talon Chandler

    Matriculation Year: 2015

    Hi! I'm a 3rd year student who joined the program in 2015, and I work with Patrick La Riviere on reconstruction problems in microscopy. I'm particularly interested in polarized light microscopy and applying tools from image science to aid biological discovery. I'm currently living and working in Woods Hole, Massachusetts to work with Rudolf Oldenbourg at the Marine Biological Laboratory, and I'll return to Chicago at the end of 2018. Before the University of Chicago I attended the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and completed a B.A.Sc. in Engineering Physics. I love physics (all kinds), athletics (distance running, rock climbing), and bees (I grew up on an apiary in Alberta). You can learn more about my research at

    Jennie Crosby

    Matriculation Year: 2016

    I joined the program in 2016 after graduating in Dec. 2015 from University of Wisconsin-Madison with a nuclear engineering degree. As an undergrad I did brachytherapy research which led me to consider a future career in medical physics. Now my research involves the application of deep learning to chest radiographs for the detection of disease. My favorite aspect of our program is how much the faculty cares about the students and our success. I love Chicago’s beaches and all the world class museums. Outside of school, I like to do crafts, such as stamp carving and knitting.

    Lindsay Douglas

    Matriculation Year: 2018

    I joined the GPMP at UChicago in 2018 after my graduation from The University of Tulsa in the spring of 2018. In Tulsa, I earned a Bachelor's of Science in Physics, along with minors in Biology, Mathematics, and Computational Science. As an undergrad, I worked in a genetics laboratory where I conducted research involving DNA isolation procedures, and I published an article on the genes associated with bipolar disorder. I spent the second half of my undergraduate degree working with optics, specifically developing methods for coating functional waveguide devices within a photonic chip. During my first year rotations at UChicago, I am interested in exploring topics associated with both diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy, such as clinical imaging, computer-aided diagnosis, image reconstruction, and treatment planning. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, baking, and attending concerts.

    Joseph Foy

    Matriculation Year: 2015

    I graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor's of Science in 2014 and a Master's of Science in Engineering in 2015 both from the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences. I had started my education at UofM researching reactor design and plasma physics before falling into medical physics during my master's program. Since then, I started my PhD research in medical physics at the University of Chicago in 2015 and have focused my work investigated sources and effects of variation in radiomics research and seeking ways of harmonizing this research across institutions for greater clinical application. When I'm not in lab, I invest my time tutoring through the Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund in math and science as well as recruiting and advising underrepresented minorities and members of the LGBTQ+ community through the UofC-based program GRIT.

    Jordan Fuhrman

    Matriculation Year: 2017

    I joined the GPMP at UChicago in 2017. Previously, I attended the University of Alabama and graduated with degrees in physics and mathematics, working in material growth, optics, and astrophysics labs along the way. Now, I am a member of Dr. Maryellen Giger's lab working on computer-aided diagnosis of coronary calcifications, an indicator of coronary heart disease. Outside of school, I enjoy watching and playing sports, as well as watching movies.

    Inna Gertsenshteyn

    Matriculation Year: 2017

    I joined the Medical Physics program in 2017. Before I came to UChicago, I graduated with a B.A. in Physics from Boston University in 2015, and then worked at inviCRO as a Sr. Image Analyst. Some of my favorite things about this department are the high standards that students are held to, and the guidance we receive for our classes, research, and planning for careers after graduation. I also love how beautiful the UChicago campus is in every season. Outside of school, I like organizing art and music shows in the city, and walking around downtown Hyde Park and Lake Michigan.

    Eyjólfur Guðmundsson

    Matriculation Year: 2014

    I joined the Medical Physics graduate program at UChicago in Fall of 2014, moving here from my home country of Iceland. I graduated with BS degrees in physics and computer science from the University of Iceland in 2013, and worked for a year before moving to the US for graduate school. I am currently working on my dissertation project with Dr. Sam Armato, focusing on the computer-aided diagnosis and image analysis of malignant pleural mesothelioma. Outside of work, I play intramural soccer for our medical physics team, play guitar, watch movies, and try out restaurants, bars and cafes in Chicago’s diverse range of neighborhoods. I am also the current Medical Physics steward of the union of graduate students at UChicago, GSU.

    Adam Hasse

    Matriculation Year: 2016

    I joined the University of Chicago graduate program in medical physics in the fall of 2016 after graduating from the University of Tennessee with a degree in nuclear engineering. Currently, my research involves radiomic analysis of glioblastomas using multi-contrast MRI, but I have completed research in nuclear physics, proton therapy, computer-aided diagnosis, and ultrasound during my time as an undergraduate and first-year graduate student here at the University of Chicago. Outside of research, I enjoy being outdoors, whether it be biking up the lakefront path, playing soccer, or watching a baseball game.

    Sam Hendley

    Matriculation Year: 2016

    What drew me to the University of Chicago was the rigor of both its academics and research. I earned my B.Sc in Physics with a minor in math and music performance from the University of Florida, and having come from a condensed matter background, I had never worked specifically in a medical physics research setting before. Because the medical physics program here offers chances to rotate through different labs during one’s first year, I got to explore the different areas in medical physics and see which research questions interested me. Currently I work with biomedical acoustics and therapeutic ultrasound in the BADER lab, and am interested in the mechanical fractionation of tissue, especially as it relates to chronic deep vein thrombosis. Outside of the lab I play the cello and practice with some chamber groups around Hyde Park. I also volunteer with STEM Scouts, a program which helps girls and boys learn about science, technology, engineering and math through creative, hands-on activities, field trips and interaction with STEM professionals.

    Isabelle Hu

    Matriculation Year: 2017

    I came to UChicago in 2017 after graduating from Carleton College with a double major in Physics and Mathematics. In undergrad, I did research in a variety of fields including condensed matter physics, optics, and medical physics. I knew this program would be a great fit for me because the research here sounded exciting, faculty cared deeply about students, and everyone I met was really friendly. Now I’ve joined Dr. Giger’s lab, where I study breast cancer computer-aided diagnosis. I’ve enjoyed living in Chicago thanks to the endless opportunities that the university and the city provide. On weekend, I like going hiking, running on lake shore trail, cooking and exploring Chicago’s amazing food scene.

    Kayla Mendel

    Matriculation Year: 2015

    I joined the medical physics graduate program at the University of Chicago in 2015 after graduating from the University of Southern California with a degree in physics. While completing my undergraduate degree, I did research in many applied physics fields including ocean physics, computational cosmology, nanoscience and medical physics. At the University of Chicago, I do research in computer vision and computer-aided diagnosis of breast cancer. Outside of research, I work with an educational non-profit to provide math and science tutoring to students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

    Benjamin Preusser

    Matriculation Year: 2018

    I joined the GPMP at the University of Chicago in 2018 after graduating from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota in 2017 with a double major in physics and mathematics. As an undergrad, I explored a variety of fields ranging from making computer simulations and cryptosystems to performing atmospheric correction on aerial imagery. I discovered my passion for the field of medical physics through a job shadowing experience and since then my interest for the field has grown. During my first year rotations at UChicago, I plan to explore labs that are researching in image reconstruction, deep learning, radiation therapy, and in computer-aided diagnosis. In my free time, I enjoy partaking in outdoor activities, watching movies, and playing video games and the piano.

    Adam Sibley

    Matriculation Year: 2013

    Corey Smith

    Matriculation Year: 2014

    Scott Trinkle

    Matriculation Year: 2016

    I graduated from the University of Florida in 2016 with a degree in Nuclear and Radiological Science and joined the medical physics program later that year. I now work with Dr. Patrick La Riviere using synchrotron x-ray microCT data to validate diffusion MRI reconstruction and tractography techniques across whole mouse brains. Otherwise, I’m usually reading, playing music, or going to see concerts and movies around town!

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