Suggested Course Sequence

    The University of Chicago academic year consists of four quarters; a full-time gradute student is enrolled in three courses each quarter. Graduate students in medical physics begin the program in the Fall Quarter and are in residence throughout the academic year.

    This suggested sequence is provided as a guide according to which a student in the Ph.D. program can complete the basic mandatory courses within two years. Various constraints on possible course sequences are imposed by prerequisites for some courses and by the quarters in which courses are offered by other departments.

    Official course descriptions can be found in the Medical Physics portion of the University's online course catalog.

    Quarter Year 1 Year 2
    Autumn Interactions of Ionizing Radiation with Matter (MPHY 35000) Anatomical Structure of the Body (MPHY 35601)
    Mathematics for Medical Physicists (MPHY 34900) Statistics in the Natural Sciences (STAT 24000) (or another appropriate course)
    Research rotation Research course
    Winter Physics of Radiation Therapy (MPHY 35100) Cancer & Radiation Biology (MPHY 35900)*
    Practicum in Physics of Radiation Therapy (MPHY 34400) Elective course or research or teaching assistantship
    Research rotation Research
    Spring Physics of Medical Imaging I (MPHY 38600)
    Practicum in the Physics of Medical Imaging I (MPHY 34200) Elective course or research or teaching assistantship
    Research rotation Research
    Biological Science Division Bioethics (non-credit) Health Physics (MPHY 39700)
    Summer Physics of Medical Imaging II (MPHY 38700)
    Practicum in the Physics of Medical Imaging II (MPHY 34300) Elective course or research
    Research rotation Research
    * All students in the program will be required to have a college-level biology course. If the student enters the program without such a course, he or she will be able to take the course at the University. Note, however, this college-level biology course will not count towards degree requirements.
    *Note: only a single "elective course" is required to fulfill the Ph.D. course requirement, and this course may be taken any time after Year 1; only two quarter-long teaching assistantship are required, and these may be completed any time after Year 1; when students are enrolled in fewer than 3 courses in any given quarter, students enroll in an appropriate amount of research credit to achieve full-time student status.

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